Over $750,000 Raised For Charity To Date!

Alternative Solutions USA is America's first and only 501(c)(3) non-profit implant and special medical waste (metals remaining post cremation) recycling program serving the death-care industry nationwide. Our FREE program is organized and operated exclusively to generate donations for charity through recycling orthopedic implants, dental prosthetics, and other metals recovered after the cremation process.

Funds raised through this unprecedented partnership are donated to charitable organizations designated by funeral homes, crematories and cemeteries participating in our non-profit recycling activities.

Our founder, whose wife was cremated in 1997, established this program upon the belief that ALL profits generated through recycling the left behind implants of our cremated loved ones should be dedicated to helping our local communities. The majority of decedent's family members embrace this belief, it is greatly beneficial to the death-care industry, and strongly supported by regulatory officials across the nation.

Given the ethically-sensitive nature of the cremation process, the growing concern about recycling implants among decedent's family members, and the controversy surrounding recycling at the crematory within the death-care industry, we the people believe that the proper way to recycle implants recovered from the cremated remains of our dearly departed is to dedicate 100% of profits generated from recycling these valuable metals to charitable organizations serving decedent's local community. Unlike all other implant recycling programs that are driven by personal gain and corporate profit, Alternative Solutions USA donates all recycling profits to charity.

To date, the altruistic alliance between Alternative Solutions USA and the death-care industry has generated over $750,000 to feed those facing hunger, help our wounded and disabled veterans, support the fight against cancer, provide shelter for the poor, offer compassionate care to the terminally ill, free parents from the crippling financial burdens of burying a precious child, and much more. We are striving diligently to involve the more than 2000 U.S. crematories nationwide in this most honorable cause and generate around 2 million dollars for charity every year on behalf of our cremated loved ones and the death-care industry.

Many funeral homes and crematories currently involved with our non-profit implant recycling program have repeatedly informed us that grieving families LOVE IT when they find out that ALL profits generated from recycling the left behind implants and prosthetics of their cremated loved ones are dedicated to charitable organizations serving their local communities. Thus, Alternative Solutions USA is positively impacting the GRIEVING PROCESS through highlighting the cyclical nature of a giving life which does not cease at death.

The recycling activities of Alternative Solutions USA are not only generating urgently needed funds for charity during these times of extreme economic hardship across our country, they are also critical to environmental sustainability and the preservation of our non-renewable natural resources.

Whether you are currently recycling these metals or not, we strongly encourage you to give our Free, Award-Winning, Non-Profit implant recycling program a try with absolutely NO obligation.