1. Why was Alternative Solutions USA founded?

- To generate desperately needed financial support for America's non-profit charitable organizations on
  behalf of our cremated loved ones and the death-care industry.
- In response to public demands for ending the commercialization of recycling at U.S. crematories.
- In response to industry demands for introducing a non-profit implant recycling option.

2. Why should I join your program?

According to decedent's family members, many state agencies and officials, countless businesses serving the death-care industry, community leaders, and many members of the general public, Alternative Solutions USA represents the most ethical, transparent, and professional recycling solution for U.S. crematories nationwide.

3. Is it legal to recycle implants and prosthetics recovered after the cremation process in my state?

Recycling at the crematory is legal so long as the process is disclosed in the "Cremation Authorization and Disposition Form". For the most part, there are no state laws prohibiting recycling of metals obtained through the cremation process; however, many states prohibit profiting from the sale of any devices recovered after the cremation process.

4. Is recycling of implants and dental prosthetics dignified?

Yes, metals recovered after cremation are non-human remains. Recycling is a dignified alternative to storing these metals, burying them, or sending them to landfills.

5. Do you recommend that our crematory add a disclosure or an addendum to our current
    "cremation authorization and disposition form" in order to utilize your service?

Yes, we encourage crematories to add a disclosure or an addendum to their current authorization forms.

ADDENDUM: Click Here

6. How does Alternative Solutions USA donate more funds to charity than any other implant
    recycling program serving the crematory and cemetery industry?

- Alternative Solutions USA is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt public charity.
- We raise funds per type and weight of each metal collected and processed.
- Our operation is efficient and involves some volunteerism, which enables us to minimize costs.
- Our non-profit organization is eligible for grants, donations, and numerous discounts on products and

7. Are metallic implants and prosthetics federally-regulated?

The majority of orthopedic implants are considered heavy metals. According to the EPA, heavy metals should be recycled and not buried or sent to landfills because they do not decompose with time.

8. Are orhthopedic implants and dental prosthetics recovered from cremated remains fabricated
    from non-renewable natural resources?

Yes, all orthopedic implants and dental prostethics recovered after the cremation process are fabricated from non-renewable natural resources and should be recycled to ensure their availability and affordability for our future generations.

9. Does it cost any money to join this program?

No, our services are offered at no cost to your crematory.

10. Do I have to sign a service agreement?

No, our members have the option to join with or without a service agreement, and there is no obligation whatsoever to explore our non-profit crematory recycling program.

11. What kind of metals do you collect and recycle?

We collect and recycle ALL metals remaining after cremation such as orthopedic and dental prosthetics, pins, screws, and casket hardware.

12. We are interested in recycling stored implants and metals, can you help us?

We can definitely help you recycle any stored materials. After all arrangements have been finalized, our Mobile Team will conduct an initial inspection of your facility to determine the type and size of equipment needed to retrieve stored/ buried materials.
Once metals are retrieved, they are shipped to our facility. Within 30 days after the receipt of stored materials, a detailed report will be generated and sent out to you indicating total weight received, types of metals recycled, and the total amount of funds raised for your designated charity. This service is provided at no cost to your crematory.

13. What happens to the metals?

All metals sent to our organization are sorted, cleaned, recycled, and re-melted by us and our affiliates to ensure complete destruction. Certificate of Destruction available upon request.

14. What do we do with pacemakers and defibrillators?

Pacemakers and defibrillators must never be disposed of in the general waste stream. They should be sent back to manufacturer for proper handling, quality assurance, and disposition.

Please identify manufacturer of pacemaker or defibrillator imprinted on device and insert as many as possible inside corresponding prepaid box provided by manufacturers.

To order pre-paid explant boxes, please e-mail or call the 3 major manufacturers listed below and provide the name of your business, contact name, mailing address, telephone number, and a brief message requesting boxes.

Medtronics - p: 800.328.2518 e: crdm.returnedproduct@medtronic.com (60 boxes max)
St Jude Medical - p: 651.756.2000 e: sycustomerservice@sjm.com (25 boxes max)
Boston Scientific aka Guidant - p: 651.582.4041 e: anne.bellamy@bsci.com (20 boxes max)

Or contact us and we can assist your funeral home with recieving boxes for returning pacemakers and defibrillators back to the manufacturer. p: 866.951.6670

15. What determines the total amount of funds raised?

The total amount of funds raised is based on the type, weight and condition of each metal collected and recycled through our non-profit program.

16. How are the funds disbursed?

After paying operating costs, profits generated will be donated to your designated charity.

17. Does Alternative Solutions USA keep records?

Yes, every member of our program will be recorded into our database system and a detailed donation history report will be saved for each crematory.

18. What type of container/drum is used to transport the metals?

A DOT certified 10-gallon carbon steel drum.

19. Can members donate funds raised to their designated charity?

Yes, funds raised will be donated to the charity of your choice through our fully open, documented, and verifiable process.

20. Can we contact some of your references prior to joining your program?

Yes, we would be happy to provide you with as many references as needed.

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